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the keyboard and the a.i. on my computer it really does all the work, i just fart in the chair and stink up the joint

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June 21, 2011

i break it down and explain my crappyhola style 4 u, teach u about how bad i really am, and not in the cool michael jacksome way, the bad bad way, before it became bad as good, u know, i really need some therapy, cant afford the art therapy its expensive, and im out of weed and booze, and girls, yes im a homeless guy at the library, was my junk in the sink

Mc whore, for short, where and  how do you do what you do, well basically all the skills i learned in pre-school from my music and art teachers, and all the other teachers that were not teaching me, and getting high at the time, i basically take really good beats and ruin them 4 you, yes make make music worse then it is, its really a skill u see it some times in a karaoke bar u hear a familiar song, and u hope its going to sound good, but that person just fucking butchers it, i am that person, i chop up a song so bad it makes u wish you were deaf or had a mute button on your ears, well maybe theres an app for that, look 99 percent of the people out there sucks ass at music, they just dont know why, but the i percent know why, its because there tone deaf, no pitch, over dramatic, basically they cant sing worth of shit just throw me in that pile, i am happy too be there, because knowing your horrible is have the battle, keeping it too yourself, well thats another story g.i suck a real dumb ass zero making crappy songs 4 u