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June 21, 2018

XXelp is the best resource to find out what your fellow drinkers think of the amazing taste and smoothness of Ocho Equis, the beer so nice they Equis'd it twice eight times.

XXelp is the best resource to find out what your fellow drinkers think of the amazing taste and smoothness of Ocho Equis, the brand new can that contains the exact same Dos Equis brand we love. It’s the beer so nice they Equis’d it twice (four times).

We’ve dug through the archives to bring to you some of the best interesante reviews of Ocho Equis that will make you wonder “Hey, why aren’t I drinking an Ocho Equis right now?”

But seriously. Why aren’t you?

I came for Dos Equis. I stayed for the other Seis Equis they managed to fit on the can. Seriously, how were they able to fit that many Equis on this can?

-Sam H., MN

I was adventuring in the Middle East when I stumbled upon an old cave filled with ornate chalices. An ancient knight guarded the treasures and told me I must choose one of the chalices; one of them was filled with Ocho Equis, the rest were filled with poison. Assuming there was a trick, I chose the one that looked most like a bottle of Dos Equis; the second I saw the extra Equis I knew I had chosen wisely. Unfortunately it also meant that I am now the guardian of this cave and it’s treasures, but hey, the fridge is stocked to the brim with Ocho Equis.

- Cathy S., ND

I can’t open an Ocho Equis can in a crowd without at least five people throwing themselves at me. I don’t know if it’s the look of a man holding an Ocho Equis, or the taste, or the fact that I really look like that one sexy guy in that show about dragons and winter. (To be fair, I tried going out without an Ocho Equis, and this still happens, so I’ve decided it IS because of my stunning looks).

-Michael R., OH

My boyfriend and I were in the park on our anniversary as the sun set, when he turned to me and said “I have something very important to ask you.” I felt my breath catch in my throat as he got down on one knee. He reached into his bag, looked in my eyes, and said “will you share an Ocho Equis with me?” I teared up and nodded, unable to speak I was so overcome with joy. As we sat on a bench, enjoying an Ocho Equis together, I thought about how I am not the marrying type and I’m so glad he didn’t propose.

- Michelle S., MO

Was looking for a beer to pick up at the store and heard a whisper - “Pick me.” Curious, I followed the whisper to the beer aisle, but no one was there. “Closer,” the whisper said. I approached a six pack of Ocho Equis. “Yes,” the whisper said,“You’re Welcome.” Stunned, I asked the six pack, “Did you just whisper me to you so I can purchase you?” The voice laughed warmly and said “No, Derek, the voice was inside you all along.” That was the day Ocho Equis taught me to trust my instincts.

-Derek T., NY

My hand was bitten off by a shark while surfing in Australia. I replaced it with an Ocho Equis can. Not only can I enjoy that refreshing taste more easily, but if I hold the can close to my ear I can hear the ocean.

- Chris H., AZ