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August 12, 2011

A short story which asks the reader to find celebrity's names in the story.

Will Tom Cruise?  Who will cook?  Will Peter Cook?   I am not sure.  If he does, will he burn it?  And if so, why?   Who will bake?  Simon Baker?  If George Burns the dinner, will Johnny Cash his check?  And what about the utensils?  Whose knives are these?  Are these Ruben’s Blades?  Is Barry White?  Is Jack Black?  Is Lorne Green?  And why for Pete’s sake is Aaron Brown?  Did he stay out in the sun too long?  Are you’re buttons red?  What, you have Red Buttons?  Am I blue? 
Sometimes, yes.

Help, we are drowning!  Christian, Bale!  I need a haircut.  I will go see Tiki Barber.  If I had to pick my favorite actor, I would pick Joseph Cotton.  That’s right, I pick cotton.  Is Glenn Close?  Will Sheryl Crow?  And if so, why?  Will Tom Cruise through the rest of his life, the little stinker?  Do you dislike him as much as I do?  I thought so.  We can watch him and Penelope cruise through life together.  Will Jim carry Humphrey?  Will Humphrey bogart Drew?  Will Drew carry Michael?  Why is Michael Bolton?  Perhaps he doesn’t like to be carried.  I don’t blame him.  I would bolt too.  And why the heck is Marcia Cross?