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November 06, 2009


I'm currently writing a post or an article about my self-introspective moment I had last night. I didn't just blow off the open mike at Laffs. I remember all the reasons I originally quit doing stand-up to begin.From 1992 starting my show and 2004 just writing on my websites and books and shit. I sat down and had a creative burst of writing energy.
Really, I haven't stop completely. Plus, I posted hopefully on Tucson's Craiglist on the rants and raves sections. I'll find out soon enough.Plus, I got more posts to put up on my KISSGOODBYE group on Facebook before they play Glendale on December 1. In which I planned to stage an anti-KISS protest but Vader is playing at the Rock. And,higher on my list of priorities. I thinking of going to see D.R.I. but I ain't planning nothing anymore!