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June 04, 2009


I occasionally have dreams involving random celebrities:
Dream 1: Bob Saggot
Now I am unaware if this dream occurred because I was watching Full House re-runs, I encountered a father figure obsessed with hugging, or if I had just watched Half-Baked, but when I was a Freshman Bob Saggot appeared in my dream.  Although the majority of the dream I did not remember, one thing did remain in my memory...how rude Bob Saggot was.  I was ranting and raving about something stupid...possibly my reality TV show idea "Oh My God I Dropped My Prada Backpack" about a homosexual Temptation Island...but Bob Saggot was there.  He was getting very annoyed, especially after I noticed him and he just looked right at me with that million dollar smile and said "You know what buddy, why don't you FUCK OFF."  I have disliked Bob Saggot ever since, but not as much as I hate Shia La Douche.