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February 16, 2016

The secret to better health is finally here, and it's in your boss' laugh.

Office Manager, Karen Smith, said she felt reborn after her boss laughed at a joke she made Thursday afternoon in the office. Although her employer forgot the joke minutes later, she would savor this accomplishment for months to come. Karen began a ten-minute story about the joke that garnered such a response, but we lost interest.

A super important guy states that a vocal acknowledgment of “ha-ha-ha” can make an employee’s heart beat at an accelerated rate, thus increasing one’s lifespan by what professionals call “a lot”. The cause of such a response? With origins in the groin, the laugh multiplies like a handshake until it makes its way to the belly button. While some laughs get lost in the belly button’s maze of complex twists and turns, some laughs make it out. It all depends on how hearty the laugh is in the first place. If the laugh is lucky enough to get to the throat, it will be jolted around like a kid on a trampoline during a game of popcorn. After this uphill battle, some laughs will escape, resulting in endless euphoria for the recipient.


You can practically see Karen’s lifespan increasing in this real live photo from the office security cameras.

While we may never know what Karen’s joke was, she said it was so good that she continuously repeated the joke aloud while walking to lunch that afternoon. Repeating the joke made it feel alive again, giving her a magical, ageless power that she will survive on for years.