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Published: July 22, 2010
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Meet Tommy Wiseau, star of THE ROOM at Roger Barr's I-MOCKERY booth (#A10, on the far west side of the hall) Sunday at 2pm. Tommy will be promoting his upcoming feature THE HOUSE THAT DRIPS BLOOD ON ALEX (trailer). Also, meet Roger. He will be promoting I-MOCKERY.

Meet Maddox from THE BEST PAGE IN THE UNIVERSE and THE ALPHABET OF MANLINESS. To get on Maddox's good side, bring him Cannonball Run Beef Jerky from Stubby's. Maddox booth is #5236 (on the far East side of the hall).

Meet me. If you can provide me with one of those unsold downtown luxury condos (or equivalent) for the weekend, I'll go. You can't beat that deal anywhere.

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