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Published: November 08, 2012
Description: One last goodbye to T-Dogg


We are gathered here today to say goodbye to a true hero. A true American hero. T-Dogg. Now T-Dogg may have not been the most talkative guy and we all know he is really bad at holding keys. However if you needed one good one-liner from time to time he would more then happy to help you out. He was a very easy going. He never told the group to call him T-Dogg. But when they obviously forgot his real name he went along with it.
 The day T-Dogg died I knew there was something from the start. He just had way to many lines and opinions. When they asked him to vote about the inmates staying or not. T-Dogg's face was like "Who me?! Really I get to talk!?" and in that excitement voted against the group and at the same time wrote himself right off the show.
 T-Dogg didn't kill the most zombies,have the most lines or even lines at all for weeks(was he even in season 2? I really do forget if he was) but we all would agree when it came to people getting killed that episode we are all were more upset for T-Dogg going out like a man then that backstabbing whore.
 So rest in pieces my good friend. Kick back and have a beer with Shane,that old guy that drove the R.V and that kid that Shane killed in the woods by breaking his neck (I wanna say his name was Chip or something). Cause we all know that your token soul will live on in Oscar.


     R.I.P T-DOGG



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