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April 06, 2017

MemoryTag has expanded the greeting card into a saying and video message for any and every possible situation.

You know the routine about greeting cards, before MemoryTag came along with its video interactive greeting cards; cards were just boring sayings on a piece of cardboard and you signed the card and maybe wrote a word or two on it and mailed the card to someone.

If you received a card, you only got it on a special day,your birthday, graduation, retirement, wedding, job promotion, same old thing,year after year, a card on your birthday.


Instead, how about a card for no reason at all?

Or, how about a card celebrating someone’s big nose? How about a card that calls attention to the fact someone you know likes to chew their wrist (nervous habit)? The possibilities are virtually unlimited for what a card could be.

MemoryTag was the first greeting card company that realized a card could be anything from a standup comedy routine to something private only you and the sender know.

For example a card that is totally blank except in tiny print “This card says whatever you want it to say.”

Check out our Daily Douche Cards here at https://memorytag.cards/collections/daily-douche.

I’m sure you’ll agree the card that says “Go F.. Yourself”…is fairly clear in its message. This could be sent to someone you despise, or someone you love but want to tease. Since human procreation (the F word) is usually a very pleasant real-life experience many of us enjoy, this is not necessarily an insult. One possible response might be, “I’ve tried that but it didn’t work out, I couldn’t bend over far enough.”

MemoryTag knows that a greeting card can be whatever you want it to be, it will always be a form of greeting no matter what the card says.

The card that says “I Pooped Today” could have special significance for someone who has been irregular and unable to go to the bathroom and eating prunes for days. The card that says “I Only like You When You Bring Me Food” is the perfect card to give your pet cat.

The card that says “It’s Friday (F….) This Shit!” is the greeting for someone who hates their job.

MemoryTag expanded the greeting card far beyond the same old thing it had been for 300 years, into an orgiastic explosion of creativity, a card that is no longer just a card, but a unique, only-one-of-its-kind personalized reflection…..of you.

MemoryTag cards have video interactive capability. You record a message from yourself with a smartphone, download our app and install your message on a small patch on the card. The recipient also downloads the app, opens and reads the card and plays back your message on their smartphone.There you are…in person…..saying to them whatever you want to say.

MemoryTag made you the star of your own greeting card.

The card that says “No One Likes You” I’m thinking of sending to Russian President Putin.

I have a future idea for a card. “My relatives consider me to be a typical no-good lazy bum, a coward, a momma’s boy, an anti-American subversive, and a pervert.

I resent this. I’M NOT TYPICAL!!!!!”