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Published: April 14, 2012
Description: What's going on.


There is a difference between my neighborhood and my girlfriend's. I hear more sirens in mine. She has more Obama bumper stickers and yard signs in hers. It is hard to fathom how poor people, the traditionally intended sacrificial lambs who fall prey to the greed of others, can still remain transfixed by the illusory light of false economic solutions and continue to equate materialism with life; as opposed to the Hobbesian death sentence afforded them instead where life is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short" and where everything exists in a state of anarchic war: bellum omnium contra omnes. It's the death penalty they support for themselves as if being dumb animals sent to the slaughter they have somehow fulfilled their Christian mission in life. To live costs money they don't have. So does higher education. So does healthcare. So do houses. And so they rationalize a need for greed as a prerequisite of a social contract allowing them to continue to exist in the meantime by becoming existential slaves. Did you see how many people tried to buy the winning lottery ticket? It was a stampede. The rich seek to achieve their wealth paradoxically by pretending to offer the poor a way out...for the price of a lotto ticket usually. So was slavery really abolished or did capitalism just get better at disguising it? Has America gone from being a ship of fools to being a ship of slaves? The payment of boarding masters paid by the body for shanghaiing was called blood money. And when Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers in the temple, he didn't put any of that money in his pocket. Judas probably would have tried if he had even been there that day. Blood is shed for a paltry sum when betrayal and death are the only bargains in store. Why do the Republican's most prominent presidential candidates and lawmakers want to raise taxes on the poor and the working class, while protecting the rich? According to them, widening tax loopholes for corporations and multimillion-dollar estates is fine but people making less than $40,000 benefiting from the progressive tax code is not. Times have changed. The earned income tax credit for the working poor is still the biggest and most effective antipoverty program we have and that came from Reagan. It gives working families thousands of dollars a year in tax refunds. President Obama’s payroll tax cut for workers, which expires in December, also helps. The two tax credits lifted 7.2 million people out of poverty in 2009, including four million children according to a recent op-ed in the NYT. If you are going to pretend to be mad about people not paying their taxes then don't be mad at the poor who can't afford to pay them. Be mad at the rich who can and do not. At a time when high-income households are paying their lowest share of federal taxes in decades, when corporations frequently avoid paying any tax, I am tempted to summon the spirit of William Jennings Bryan in a cigar smoke seance for the benefit of your own meditation upon the matter. It should be as painfully clear as a crown of thorns upon the brow of labor who can afford to bear the cross of gold. Those who made the cross of gold with no intention of being crucified themselves.