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December 06, 2011



I like doing drugs a lot of people don’t especially my family but I think doing drugs with your family could be a great bonding experience especially on holidays I think every holiday it should be mandatory you do a certain drug, you do all the normal bullshit but everyone does the same drug like thanksgiving everyone smokes a bunch of pot and pigs out and I think the only way the macys parade is watchable is if youre high Christmas everyone eats acid and decorates the tree goes for walk looking at peoples lights and there will be any annoying carolers cuz no one would ever want to Christmas carol tripping on acid it would be way too awkward no ones gonna remember the lyrics new years everyone does a bunch of coke and talks about the next year “yeah im gonna lose a lot of weight im gonna do a lot of coke and lose a lot of weight yeah yeah” valentines day everyone eats ectasy and fucks all day easter everyone shoots up herion even grandma I know she has tiny brittle veins but it’s the law and idk about you guys but heroin gives me the worst sweet tooth and if someones going to overdose and die it might as well be on the day jesus came back to life isn’t there a part of you that wants to die on easter in front of your family?, july 4th everyone gets fucking wasted and rages what better combo than alcohol and fireworks.