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May 26, 2008

Always bring a towel.

You won't believe this one-- it happened on Memorial Day. It may be 70 degrees outside, but any pools or the ocean are still 55 in Connecticut. Bone chilling unless you're a polar bear or real drunk.

I'm babysitting a rescue/up-for-adoption dog and am walking in the neighbors yard.

The dog slips in between their fence that surrounds their pool. I think 'no biggie' until "Sandy" decides that the plastic cover over it looks stable enough to walk on.

When I see this, I hop the fence hoping to grab the dog. The dog comes towards me BUT, the covering is not secure-- it pushes back and --splash-- in goes Sandy.

Let me just say that despite being from Puerto Rico (an island surrounded by water), Sandy is not an experienced swimmer. She can't even dog paddle. She goes under.

And Jim has to jump into to save her.

Everything I had in my pockets including, but not limited to, my wallet and cell go in with me. RIP cell.

Sandy got out, shook off the water, and proceeded to stroll around the yard like nothing happened. I, on the other hand, am totally drenched. My neighbor Lisa opens the back door of her house to see what the commotion is, I look at her like I was something the cat dragged in. She starts laughing before I can say a word. Sandy looks at her like "That was fun! When are you opening the pool? Got any inflatable paw bands?"


I know I should have pulled a 'Superman Quick Change', but where's a phone booth when you need one?