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October 10, 2010

Originally blogged 2009: http://www.ihavezlatathoughts.com

This past week, I haven't really been feeling well and had to leave work early. Last night, I went to the doctor to explain my symptoms and figure out next steps. In any event, one thing Dr. Chiara told me was that I needed to start eating breakfast. I mean, I know I shouldn't need a doctor to tell me that, but I really just don't like eating breakfast. Coffee is just fine for me. 
In any event, I decided that I'd start off my "I'm going to eat breakfast every morning" phase off right, and went to get an egg white omelet with whole wheat toast. After being rung up at $9.86, I realized why America is so fat. WE CAN'T AFFORD TO EAT HEALTHY! I mean, $10 for breakfast is beyond ridiculous...a bagel is like what, $3?? Of course someone is going to opt for that! Similarly, we have McDonald's and all these other fast food joints that are so cheap, it's just "easier" and wallet-friendly to eat that crap. Same goes for organic products -- they are much more expensive than "regular" items. Given that argument, along with these tough economic times, of course people are going to opt for the cheaper and non-healthy alternative. Therein lies part of the reason that America is fat. The other part is our inability to understand proper portion control, but that's a whole other story (thank you, TGIFriday's, for your commercials on three-course meals for $10...you suck.)