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July 26, 2010


Nerds are every where. They work with us, they live with us, and yes they may even sleep with us. But some can get a wee bit annoying. Who watches Big Bang Theory? Well those of you who don't, need to Google it right now and then come back to this blog once you've seen every episode.

We all know a guy (or girl) like this character. Anal, sadistic, and all knowing. I do love this show and this character is great but when i meet people who are like this in real life I just want his head to implode under the weight of their arrogance.

Comic conventions are full of these kind of people, in my world we are known as...FANBOYS

(Yes I saw this movie and loved it BTW)

With the passing of one of the largest Comic Conventions in San Diego I'm sure there were several servers that crashed, porn sites gone unchecked, and video games left unmade because of this once in a lifetime chance to meet many of the famous artist, writers, actors, directors....etc etc.

I would have been there in full blown costume had I had the money but sadly I lost my chance to meet my hero...

Soon I will meet him and tell him my plans to change the X-men for the better....oh whats that You don't know who he is? WTF???? Google him for crying out loud. Those of you who do know THE MAN, know that he is a great story teller and one of the most influential people in all of Geekdom.

I say Stan Lee is better than the other most influential Geek God....

George Lucas should have left the Star Wars series the way it was. Did you really need to know how Vader came to be? Are Origins that important to you that we have to destroy a perfectly great story and turn it into a total disappointment in the end?

I love the X-men  they had many great story lines over the years.

I never was a big fan of Wolverine tho.
e could never be a stand alone character in my mind. But over the years Marvel had made him the it mutant for the Marvel Universe and even gave him his own Origin story arc....Which was unnecessary because I felt his past didn't have to be explained, we knew he fought with Captain America in WW 2, I knew he was given the Adamantium skeleton and used as a weapon for a secret Government operation known as Weapon X  who erased Logan's memories. That's all I needed to know about him, because that was the whole point of the character for me, he was supposed to be a mystery.

It spawned a terrible movie that made me want to go to Hollywood and gather up Seth Rogan, Kevin Smith, Joss Whedon, and Jon Favreau and show these unintelligent directors who have no clue what a comic book is and do a proper movie that fans and newbs will enjoy.

I'm sure you have a lot to discuss so the floor...or the blog is yours. Have a good week.