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May 16, 2009


Whats the big deal? I have a three year old, or in freak mom language a 36 month old and I just dont get it. I have come to the realization that all babies are treated like they are celebrities. I walk into family dinner with him and suddenly "Oh look at him! What are you doing baby? Hows it going baby? Say something cute baby" I mean really? "Hey! Its someone much younger and shorter than me, lets praise him!" And then when Im not with the baby he is still brought up. "So what has the baby done lately? Tell the baby I say hi" Sure, I'll tell him right after Im done changing his diaper because he craps in disposable underwear. How exciting of him. Notice how everyone wants the baby to like them the most? "Hey baby, look at me! Im starving for the attention of someone who watches Dora the Explorer 7 hours of the day!" Get a dog. They are cuter, much more fun, much less expensive, and they wont make your wife ugly. Your welcome.