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June 07, 2010


UPDATE: Results are in.  As always a big thanks to all who participated. To the winners, your prize is anything good that happens to you in the next 48 hours (shipping not included).

5  "I asked for the secretary, not Secretariat!"

4  "Mister Ed has been talking out his ass lately!"

 "He's got a point......."

2   "Get out of here!!! And the horse you rode in..uh..and the horse that someone rode you in?...just  get the fuck outta here!!"

The Wilde award:  "OK, BRING IN THE PSYCHIC HORSE...
                                    PSYCHIC HORSE... WILL BP BE PROFFITABLE THIS YEAR???
                                    your answer is... PLOP!!!"

The Segat award:   "Another boring day at the Tijuana Donkey Show Commissioner's office."

Winner: "Alright thank you, Lipshitz for that, um, amusing 'quarter-horse'                           report. Now does anyone have a copy of fucking 'Quarterly Report'  or should we just file for bankruptcy right now?!!"


Results for cap con #3 are posted here http://www.funnyordie.com/blog/posts/35557

For today . . . ummm . . . well. I'll let you guess.