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June 22, 2016

This week's videos are much better than they taste.

This week’s videos are much better than they taste.

Cranberry Kid

Watch as this toddler epitomizes what it’s like to be human by continuing to evoke pain on himself via the consumption of food that he doesn’t even particularly enjoy.

Monkey Business

In this video, a crazy man is shooed away from a restaurant by a different, but better, kind of crazy man.


The title of this video says that it’s The Conjuring 2, but rest assured this footage is actually from The Conjuring (Original Recipe), so there’s that to deal with.

Insane Snake Lady

If we told you anything about this video it would spoil how dumb it is.

Steve 0. Smith

Watch as the now lone-host of ESPN 2’s First Take predicts the winner of the last six NBA finals. You’ll note we did not say “correctly predicts.”