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March 31, 2017

He told us about some of them in the final draft, but left out a bunch of his original ideas.

In Cole Porter’s famous innuendo-heavy tune “Let’s Do It”, he romantically listed several different companions that effortlessly fall in love as proof that he and another individual should do the same—including birds, bees, educated fleas, et al.

Other lovely groupings Porter thought of were recently found in the original draft, which include:

  • Argentines without means / Boston beans
  • Chimpanzees in zoos / courageous Kangaroos
  • A very big turtle / a tortoise who’s infertile
  • The concept of money / a man covered in honey
  • Some rat from the gutter / some unsalted butter
  • A Dog with no legs / a big bag of eggs
  • A vile of venom / a cowboy in denim
  • A skeleton pelvis / the future ghost of fat Elvis
  • My weird Turkish lawyer / a guided missile destroyer
  • A shoplifting teen / a big swollen spleen
  • A silly rabbi / a chilly rabbi
  • A swanky young stud / a tub full of mud
  • A boy with no skin / a toy from Berlin
  • An ornery duck / a doll you can fuck
  • A songwriter named Cole / The young man who works at the shoe store down the street, I think his name is Henry
  • A frisky raccoon / the man in the moon