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October 05, 2008


   I just read an article via ClayJunky about Palin's support of aerial killing of wolves. According to it, she also supports drilling for oil in the last chunk of pristine America, the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge. She opposes listing the Cook Inlet Beluga whale as an endangered species. There's more, very hard to stomach if you love animals... http://www.grizzlybay.org/SarahPalinInfoPage.htm

   The Anchorage Daily News (adn.com) "The 180 volunteer pilots & aerial gunners who are the backbone of the program CAN GET $150 CASH FOR TURNING IN LEGS OF FRESHLY KILLED WOLVES, GOV. SARAH PALIN'S OFFICE ANNOUNCED."

 DeadWolves.jpg   WolfPhoto.jpg PatriciaMain2.jpg Palin proudly wearing a dead animal's fur that was commercially raised & cruelly killed so  she colud look "pretty?" RubberDodoAward_Palin_lores.jpg

   She is also the proud winner of the 2008 Rubber Dodo Award via the Center for Biological Diversity. She is seeking to remove Endangered Species Act Protection for the polar bear. She denies that global warming is caused by greenhouse gas emmisions. " Gov. Palin has waged a deceptive, dangerous & costly battle against the polar bear," said Kievan Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity. "Her position on global warming is so extreme, she makes Dick Cheney look like an Al Gore devotee." Go to http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/news/press_releases/2008/palin-09-17-2008.html 

  Please see original link at: http://www.akwildlife.org/content/view/135/61/

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions...Quite dubiously yours & proud of it, SB7

P.S. Thanks ClayJunky for this asskicking SNL V.P. video spoof hookup!!