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Published July 02, 2013
1) The average American's reaction to learning that there have been riots in Brazil:   2) EU to Obama: stop spying on us.  Obama's response:   3) How Putin probably reacted to u.s. requests to extradite Snowden:   4) What Wendy Davis did to that ridiculous abortion bill in Texas:   5) The U.S. diplomatic strategy for persuading Russia to hand over Snowden:   6) How President Obama must feel at the end of every. single. day:   7) Italy's Berlusconi thought he would get away with having sex with a minor.  Instead, he got seven years jail time:   8) What the U.S. wishes it could do to china after Snowden handed over his laptops:   9) Despite recent developments, the international community is ultimately doing this when it comes to Syria: And finally... 10) The Wikileaks/NSA scandals have done this to America: