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July 02, 2013

Current events... explained through animated gifs. Because when it comes to politics and national security, you can't make this stuff up.

1) The average American's reaction to learning that there have been riots in Brazil:


2) EU to Obama: stop spying on us.  Obama's response:


3) How Putin probably reacted to u.s. requests to extradite Snowden:


4) What Wendy Davis did to that ridiculous abortion bill in Texas:


5) The U.S. diplomatic strategy for persuading Russia to hand over Snowden:


6) How President Obama must feel at the end of every. single. day:


7) Italy's Berlusconi thought he would get away with having sex with a minor.  Instead, he got seven years jail time:


8) What the U.S. wishes it could do to china after Snowden handed over his laptops:


9) Despite recent developments, the international community is ultimately doing this when it comes to Syria:

And finally...

10) The Wikileaks/NSA scandals have done this to America: