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Published: May 18, 2009
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Well, Thursday's game had my sphincter puckerd so tight, it didn't relax until today... and then, the NHL decided to blitz me with a suprise Game 1 on Sunday, that I almost missed... But still, I'm here, and "growing strong"....

(I know... lame puns are not comedy... but I'm running on empty here.. so bite me ;-) )

Anyways, new round, new blog, new pic:

(Yeah yeah, I look like crap... It was a long weekend... so bite me twice... ;-) )

As always, my latest Beard-A-Thon standings are here :


Remember friends, it's all for charity, any help you can give/gather will be greatly appreciated.

So, with that, I say, for the rest of this round at least:

"I'm here with
My Beard and
My Beard will
Grow on and on"

... Seriously... I want to at least hit triple digits here... $78 is pretty sad to offer up as a donation... so help me get my donations...please.... or I'll do more Celine Dion parodies... I swear it...

(Not really... but I thought it was a funny faux-threat... so bite me thrice... ;-) )

- Kenny G.


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