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January 08, 2012

I'm not entirely sure what the poem's called, but the subject's death. (Yes, easily the happiest subject to write about). Here are my thoughts and opinions.

I know I will love death.
Because death too
Is God's creation
And because death reminds me
Of the existence of her sister:
Infinity's Life immortal.

Okay. There's the poem. I shall now launch into a long, unhindered rant over it.First of all, I think God is lazy. He didn't really create death, did he? He just kind of created all our lives and thought "You know what, i'm bored of Adam and Eve now. Let's kill them off and have some new ones!" (Just as we all do on Sims. We are the God, and we shall kill the fat ones off and steal their money.) If anything, he didn't create anything. He just got bored and gave up. I don't get Sunday's off - that's my homework day. God's just sitting around on his arse on the 'day of Rest' when the rest of us are all running around doing our work. I think the Earth is just like a massive game of Sims (Yes, sorry for the second referral to Sims. It's not an obsession, just a strong compulsion to play for hours on end with no distractions and little food as I forget that anyone else exists. Not an obsession) and God has the xbox controller. When you get bored of one person, you put them in the pool and take away the ladder. Or you shut them in a room and take away the door. Then set it on fire. 

Sorry, I digress. Back to the poem: the poet's a bit of a player. Firstly, he's all on about how he loves Death, then he goes on to say about her sister? If anything, I think both of them should leave him. They're too good for him. He needs to make up his mind, or soon he'll be left with no-one. What'd happen to him them? He wouldn't be alive, or dead... Does that mean he'll be a rock? I'd love to be a rock. Just cochin' in da garden wid ma bezzies. Then some kid comes up and smashes you against a wall. 

Thirdly, this guy answers his own question, and it really annoys me when people do that. He's all like 'Why?' then he goes on to tell you. Why ask the question in the first place if you're just going to answer it yourself? He could've saved a whole line there, and just gone 'I love death because...' just like you were taught in school. This man has obviously not learned how to be concise. 

Finally, the layout. This man was quite blatantly trying to create an image of a ship with his words, but it just didn't quite make the mark. He got the bottom bit right, the base, wooden bit (or metal, as all ships are now made out of. (Titanium, actually, I believe. What a great lightweight non-rusting element). Yeah, he got that. Then he was lazy with the sail. As lazy as God on a Sunday, actually.