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March 13, 2015

Men's Rights Activists, Pickup Artists, and other dirtbag internet men like to refer to women as "females." We replaced "females" with "felines."

Know what’s the worst? Men who hate women. We’re talking your MRAs (men’s rights activists), your PUAs (pickup artists), your RPs (red pillers. Don’t google it). Let’s just call them all BHBs, or butt-hurt babies.

The good thing is that all BHBs have a tell: For some goddamn reason, they all refer to women — human women, not fruit flies in a science experiment — as “females.” Some even say “the female species.” It’s useful, because you know if you see an internet comment that starts with “The thing about females is…,” you don’t have to read any further. But still, it’s the worst.

Know what’s the best, though? Kittens. So we collected a few examples of this charming nomenclature, replaced “females” with “felines,” and sent that shit out to an illustrator. Enjoy these pictures of cats ruining men’s lives.

“Is this really equality? Is this what you’re fighting for? I lost a good friend because it’s so common for felines to try to score free drinks while contributing nothing.” — Reddit user Equality4All


“Western felines (typically anglosphere and western/northern Europe) are self-entitled and come from a psychological position of thinking they’re better than you are.” — Reddit user IllimitableMan

FODfelinesPB2 2.png

Felines Are Well Adjusted & Trustworthy With Your Life?” — A Voice For Men Forums

FODfelinesPB3 2.png

Felines Make The Internet An Unsafe Space For All Of Us” — A Voice For Men Forums

FODfelinesPB4 2.png

Insulting felines online can keep you from getting a job” — A Voice For Men Forums


Illustrations by Pat Barrett