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Published July 03, 2009
Dear my fellow Experimenters--As you all know by now RockWorld '09 hasn't taken off quite like we expected, and I apologize for the delay. First off, my computer blew up and I'm left with a computer with the power of a wind-up toy. Not helpful in the editing process.Secondly, my co-moderator Litho (aka Kim McBride) has been going through the transition of MOVING. We all know how that goes...BUT, despite what life might throw at us here at the_experiment we must "go on with the show" as that is what we're all about anyways... experimenting with whatever set of circumstances we're presented with, and promoting creativity and collaboration in its many forms.SO, we've given up our hopes for a glitzy and glamorous entrance for the opening of this year's FOD Forum Games, and decided to throw wide open the doors TO YOU our members to decide how to "shape" RockWorld.WHAT IS ROCKWORLD?Well, as a concept… Litho and I have envisioned a creative world where the only limits are that of your imagination... (a similar idea to that of the Twilight Zone) and our theme set for this year... the world of Rockin' Roll. As once you ENTER RockWorld, the normal rules of time, space, and history don't apply so feel free to explore whatever suits your fancy.Indigo Prescott IV will serve as a narrator/tour guide at her whim.As you all know... Elisavet wandered into RockWorld a bit early. We're still not sure how she got in. So she too, will be able to assist players... if she feels like it. (She can be a bit of a rockin' roll blues diva sometimes. We're currently working with her agents on this as we speak.)SO HOW DO WE PLAY? Be creative. Create "RockWorld" as you see it. Play any role you want. Whether you make videos, take pictures, write blogs, write comments, post in the forum, collaborate with other artists... whatever YOU our members DO will shape RockWorld.The idea is that the collision of "interactions" and "ideas" between the art generated by our players will, in itself, create the story. This is the point of ALL of our themed games. What you create will have consequences regarding how the game plays out. (BORING DETAILS: I will be collecting and posting all the ROCKWORLD names you've all so generously submitted. If you want to change a previously submitted name, you may do so throughout the next week... so long as your new name isn't yet taken.)ABOVE ALL... HAVE FUN.With that... LET THE GAMES BEGIN."WELCOME TO ROCKWORLD. PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME." - Indigo Prescott IV - Take care and be well my friends - ~LizzyQ~(for the_experiment)