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June 14, 2015

The cast of Trainwreck heads out on a 7-city comedy tour to raise money for charity and awareness of their movie, Trainwreck in theatres everywhere July 17.

Look out, America! The cast of this summer’s most anticipated movie, Trainwreck, is heading out on a nationwide standup tour to raise money for charity and, more importantly, awareness of their movie, which seriously, why aren’t you aware of it already?

The Trainwreck Comedy Tour features the film’s writer/star Amy Schumer, Dave Attell, Vanessa Bayer, Mike Birbiglia, Colin Quinn, and director Judd Apatow. Hmm, I guess LeBron’s busy?

They’ll be making stops in Boston, New York, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles, with all proceeds going to a local charity.

As the tour progresses, we’ll be updating this page with all sorts of backstage antics, on-stage goofs and whatever the hell else happens when six of the biggest comedy stars in the world set out on tour together. So check back often, or you know, whenever.

What kind of shenanigans will they get into? We’re just as excited to find out as you are.



Fans line up outside the Wilbur, where the first joke of the night is the name of the theatre next door.


Everyone takes their seats, still laughing about the word “Wang.”

Fans Inside.JPG

Amy Schumer attempts to win the crowd back after Colin’s set.

And just like that …

Here’s everything you missed in Boston!



The Trainwreck Tour takes a quick detour as Judd heads to The Daily Show to promote his incredible new book, Sick in the Head.

Judd feels pretty comfortable on TV these days.

However, compared to a tiny TV studio, a massive theatre can be quite intimidating.

CQ and Birbigs hang backstage before the show. Colin insisted that Mike lean like that and “do that cute little hair toss thing you always do. For the camera!”

Colin Quinn and MikeB - Backstage.png


That’s right, Trainwreck star Bill Hader joins Judd onstage at the Beacon.


With the audience looking on, Mike Birbiglia asks “Whoa! Was that really Bill Hader?”


Colin Quinn reenacts the hug he and Bill Hader shared backstage.


Vanessa Bayer explains that she knows Bill from SNL and doesn’t understand what the big deal is.

During the Q&A portion, a woman asks Attell if he’d tell his next joke from the other side of the stage, while leaning on one of the speakers.


Ask and ye shall receive.

Dave Attell on stage with light flare.png

Once again, Amy is tasked with closing out the show and, once again, completely tears the roof of the place. Hopefully, the repair costs don’t cut into the charity’s proceeds.

As the gang assembles for the show’s big finale, Attell insists each person tell their favorite Bill Hader stories. The show lasts for another six hours.

All 6 performers.jpg

The guys join a historic group of elevator vandalists.



Between gigs, Judd talks to Colin about life on the road and, more importantly, Jeb Bush.

If you were hoping to see Lisa LeBlanc you’re too late. Sorry!


Pre-show, Amy and Birbigs do some Trainwreck press. Both agreed that you should see this movie, but also movies in general. Movies are generally good.

Here’s a pic of Vanessa Bayer. It’s pretty cool.

Here’s a hot look at Toronto’s cool set list.

Set List.JPG

“Oh no, do I REALLY have to do 20 minutes?”

Judd Notes.JPG

“Oh no, do I REALLY have to wear shoes?”

Colin Shoe.JPG

“JK, everyone. I knew I had to wear shoes. Look, I even brought a jacket.”

A picture’s worth a thousand ZZZs.

Once everyone woke up, the Toronto fans really seemed to have a good time.

And so did Amy.

Unfortunately, the show had to end and it was off to another city. A new adventure. A new hope. A Chicago Hope? Sorry, I got lost for a second, but yeah, Chicago is the next stop.

Hey, don’t forget why we’re all here! (Besides the charity!)

And the fourth city is … the Second City.


With the reception the crew received upon arriving in Chicago, you’d think they had won the Stanley Cup or something.

You can tell Suit Guy on the far right really enjoyed the Trainwreck screening.


One Chicago fan has a super good tattoo.

Dave and Judd spend the afternoon engaged in a healthy debate about pizza.

Photo Jun 18, 3 32 32 PM.jpg

This lucky fan received a nice note from Judd Apatow after throwing her book on stage during the show. BONUS: She didn’t seem to mind that Mike Birbiglia completely ruined the cover.


Dave won the debate BTW.

California here we come …


First things first … the gang headed to Twitter HQ for a Trainwreck Q&A.

A few highlights below, but you can see more HERE.


As the gang heads for Seattle, some wise words from Colin.


Another city, another screening. Please remember that Trainwreck comes out on July 17.

Photo Jun 20, 7 04 26 PM.jpg

To spice things up, instead of showing the film, the cast just acted out their favorite scenes. LOL JK.

Photo Jun 20, 7 33 33 PM.jpg

Yeah, we all want to hear the story.

Honestly, everything in Seattle looks so cool!

Photo Jun 20, 9 26 34 PM.jpg

No wait … that’s because everything in Seattle just IS cool.

Just one city left.


Because after a week of screenings, what’s one more.

Here she is, the final night of the Trainwreck Tour.


Judd signs a keepsake poster for Amy Schumer. We’ll keep what everyone wrote a secret, or you can just zoom in figure it out. We’re not the boss of you.


The entire gang gathers for one last pre-show huddle.


Amy’s fingers are permanently stuck like that after signing so many posters.


A quick backstage prayer.

Prayer Is Over.jpg

Vanessa and Amy, excited the 45-minute prayer is finally over.

100-year-old TV legend, Norman Lloyd stops by to check out the tour’s final stop.

Norman Lloyd group.jpg

Backstage photo or a still from one of the best episodes of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn?

Norman Lloyd.jpg

Norman tests out some new material, before introducing Vanessa Bayer.

Garry Shandling with the epic backstage photobomb!

Vanessa tells the audience all about Garry’s “sick” photobomb!

Vanessa Bayer.jpg

Once again, beverages had the best seat in the house.

Cups 1.JPG

Mike’s cocktail

Cups 2.JPG

Dave’s coffee

Cups 3.JPG

Amy’s mind your own business

Seriously, Dave Attell seems just like the best dude.

One final curtain call …


And just like that …