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September 07, 2010

Norm talks comedy and Letterman impressions in NY Times interview.

1042_norm_macdonald.jpgYou gotta love Norm MacDonald. Gots to.

Okay, we don't want to force you to do anything, but we strongly encourage you to love Norm MacDonald. Why? Jesus you ask a lot of questions. Because he's the best. That's why.

We love it even when he's just talking about comedy, which luckily enough, he did in in a recent interview with the NY Times. Here are some highlights:

On his David Letterman impersonation:

"Yeah. At the end of the day I didn’t want to do an impression of someone I considered funnier than me in the first place. I didn’t want the sketch to come off as anything but a Rich Little impression – I didn’t want to make any insult to David. So he phoned me the next day. He was just talking about stuff, he never got to the point, and I knew why he was phoning, so it was all awkward. Finally, I go, “Hey, Dave, I did an impression of you.” I just blurted it out. And he goes: “Oh, yeah, I’m fine with that. I like you, Norm, you can do whatever you want. Joe Piscopo did an impression of me once and I didn’t care for that, because that guy’s not funny.” That’s all he said"

On work ethic and ego:

"A lot of people think I’m difficult to work with. It’s not like I really want to do that much stuff, so it doesn’t really matter. I guess I’m somewhat difficult when it comes to comedy.

I don’t have any ego about it but I find there’s not a great work ethic in show business. A lot of people are in it to make money, and coming from stand-up, you have to work so hard because almost nothing works, and if you lose the audience for three minutes, you’re dead. When I started writing on sitcoms, I would go: 'Oh my God, this whole script is going to bomb. No one’s going to laugh.' And people would go: 'No, don’t worry about that. There’s a guy that gives [the studio audience] pizza and tells them to laugh.'"

For more, you'll have to read the rest of the interview. And just to recap: Norm MacDonald = awesome.