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October 30, 2009


They say that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and that's fine, except for the fact that this apple seems to have fallen from a tree of a different fruit as in orange, plum, mango, banana, pretty much any other type of fruit. Speaking of fruit, as in FRUIT LOOPS, my crazy-as-fuck mother called tonight and I have to say...I come by my ranting very honestly LOL, there is a very specific "rant gene" that is dominant in our women...but I have to say that our logic and our interpretation of world events could not be more inconsistant. She begins the assault by asking me to LISTEN (my disabled daughter is asking for help and my mother feels that I need to just STOP doing whatever it is I'm doing with my daughter to TRULY listen to what she feels is SO important for me to hear her say), ANYWAY, I finish helping my daughter and take a seat to hear the woman out...it could be important. Not likely, but whatever. So...what I need to listen to and what she thinks I need to write about if I EVER want to make any money is she wants me to express for her the frustration that the entire public feels about celebrities getting to have outlets for their transgressions and open platforms for apologies and second chances when regular people (who she asserts very aggressively are second class citizens and FEEL like second class citizens in comparison to celebrity entitilement/lifestyle). What has put a bee in her bonnet is that Patrick Swayze's widow has been on Oprah and my mother is offended about her assertion that Patrick was brave and strong and that he made a choice to work and that, just in general, there was a lot to be admired in his struggle. She is angry, so SO angry because her mother died of cancer when she was 5 months pregnant with my brother and it's insulting to her to hear about the bravery and valiance of the celebrity experience when her mother had lots to want to live for and succumbed rather quickly to the illness. Granted, it was 1971, and there weren't a lot of advances in uteran cancer nor was there early detection, etc...not important, the point of the novel I have been commissioned to write is that celebrities and friends/families of celebrities should NOT have avenues in which to publically describe admiration or make declarations about strength and courage that they may/may not have shown in their struggles because regular people don't get an exulted status for dying of the same thing. I gather, at least, that it's the jist of it. I want to suggest that she turn the TV off, perhaps, if she's so concerned about having compassion for people she doesn't know or family members she doesn't care about (the Jackson's came up a few times), she can switch it off, take a bath, go for a walk ??? Instead I try to validate her and bring up the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping and how when she came back to the family, the family claimed that prayer brought her back which angered many families of victims who weren't so lucky who went on record saying that the Smarts were not better Christains than they were to warrant the return of their daughter when their own child din't make it back. I thought it was relevant to the point she was trying to make...she disagrees. LOL Big surprise. So...after 38 minutes, she wanders off the topic to talk to me about "the Precious", meaning my daughter, and how she prefers to call my daughter "Kay" and that she just LOVES the name "Kay" and as an ADULT, don't I think that KELLY would prefer the name "Kay" as less people would be confused by her having such a unisex name?? OKay...I just humored the bitch for almost 40 minutes with her bitter ranting about celebrity widows on Oprah and now she's cruising because we've had this discussion about my daughters name more than once. In fact, the moment I knew Kelly was a girl, I named her Kelly and when my mother and I spoke on the phone she let me know that she was not keen and thought I should give her a "great" name like "Mercedes" or "Katherine". I explained that she had two children and got to name hers and that I would be naming mine, thank you. So, I've endured Christmas, Birthday, whatever cards for 8 years with a big as in NOT SUBTLE "K" drawn on the front of it. (I'm only suprised/relieved she doesn't make it a "C") ANYWAYS, she says that "Kay" is a great name to which I respond that "Kelly" is a great name also. It's simple, it's pretty and it's her grand daughters name so she should learnt to like it. Apparantly, that's just "the way I am", BIG SIGH, "ever since I was a little girl..." I have had different ideas as to what constitutes a good name. Paige is my middle name, and given that we moved pretty much every year and I was about foot taller than my classmates, always new and had this stupid name ("Yellow pages" "book" what page are you on?" never got old because we'd move again), and the teacher would always call me by my first name and I would have to correct them (at 6, 7, 8, 9 years old), at nine years old I decided not to correct the teacher as my first name is a "normal" name. My mother retailiated when she found out by removing all of my autographed photos (Shaun Cassidy, Rex Smith, Blondie), and she took them away and told me that those things were for a girl named "Paige" and since that wasn't my name any more, I could no longer have them.  I had to go to school, stand up in front of the class and explain that for three weeks they'd been calling me by the wrong name and had to tell them my name was "Paige".  Ridicule ensued (wierd girl lying about her name)...but it was fine since we got evicted from our house and moved two months later. 
And yet she doesn't understand why I don't want parenting, career or any kind of advice from her. LOL  I guess I'm just funny that way.