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November 03, 2015

Pope Francis visited the USA this September but returned without the keys to the Vatican.

The Vatican is in the midst of a scandal once again this week. Two new books are the cause of the controversy. Apparently, the books claim that the Vatican is divided, one side standing with the Pope and his efforts to reform, the other, getting in his way. They claim there is mismanagement of funding, lavish spending, greed and fraud inside the Vatican and there is nothing Pope Francis can do to stop it since he is locked out without a key. Literally, the Pope cannot get inside the Vatican. He left his keys in Philadelphia.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.48.14 PM.png

In September, The Holy Bishop of Rome visited the U.S. and, for whatever reason, spent most of his time in Philadelphia. Well, turns out while visiting the City of Brotherly Love, His Holiness lost the keys to the Vatican.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.12.53 PM.png

Image taken of the Pope visiting Philadelphia

When the Pope returned to Rome and checked his robe for the keys they were gone. Whether they were stolen during his visit to Lincoln Financial Field or simply misplace in one of the hundreds of Wawa’s, they’re gone and the Pope sure as hell isn’t going back to get them.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.38.11 PM.png

So now, in November, corruption is ripping the Vatican apart (as usual) (I typed that with a smug look on my face) and unless he is willing to go back to Philadelphia, there is nothing the Papa can do about it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.53.55 PM.png

“Me siento como un idiota”- the Pope

UPDATE: Keys found by Cody (14) over Twitter

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.15.07 PM.png