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July 17, 2017

With a MemoryTag greeting card you get more for your money

One of the great things about MemoryTag greeting cards is not only a wider variety of cards that celebrate almost every possible emotion and circumstance, but they are priced at a fraction the cost of the regular cards you buy in the grocery store.

They also have video capability, the ability to use your smartphone, and record your own video message (greeting) on the card in addition to the printed message.

When I say a regular card, you know, the same old “Happy Birthday” printed on it or “Get Well” or some other boring predictable message with no video technology that you mindlessly and lifelessly sign like you would a check and them mail it to someone to bore them in addition to you.

MemoryTag cards say just about everything. Where for example are you going to find a card that says “Sorry for Being Such a Little Sh’t” (a let’s make up card). https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry

This and other MemoryTag cards are priced at $2.99. Where you gonna beat that? A store-bought card sets you back $7.99. You can also buy bundles of cards all discounted so you have a card ready for every occasion https://memorytag.cards/collections/bundles

I like value for my money and don’t call me cheap. I’ve devoted my life to getting the most for my hard-earned or hard-stolen money and you should too. I mean it’s not easy to afford to live in this world today. Just try to go to college.

But don’t call me cheap.

Cheap is what a baby chicken does.

I like value. For example, my wife got a birthday cake that was a cupcake with a single candle. That’s good enough for her. It’s the thought that counts not the money.

I go to the supermarket each day and spend a little bit of money rather than going once a week and spending a lot more (for the whole week) because it gives me the allusion of less expense. Is this being cheap? No way!

I can show you how to get the last ounce out of anything in a tube for example toothpaste.

I wear clothing until it either rots off my back or it comes back into style for example the really wide ties and bell-bottom pants of the1970’s——-if you wait long enough clothing styles becomes popular again it’s called “Retro.” My underwear I wear until it rips and unravels out the bottom and I keep wearing it now as a loincloth.

My shirts have rusty-colored underarm stains but the solution here is simple. I just keep my arms down at my sides.

Is this cheap?

I have a cracked window in my house and rather than fix it I just taped it with tape and now if an earthquake happens, the window pane wobbles (at the crack) but doesn’t break. It’s earthquake proof.

Is that cheap I ask you?

I eat salads with straight vinegar no oil which is more expensive and it’s better for you (no cholesterol).

Is this being cheap? This is just being healthy.

Never in my life have I bought a car. I always had relatives who when they died gave me their car. But now I’m out of relatives. What am I gonna do?

On that note the inside door handle to my car broke and so rather than fix it—- to open the door I simply roll down the window and open the door with my hand from the outside.

Is this being cheap? This is stretching my money.

I never pick up the tab when out at dinner with others I always act like I’m going to, but I get a pained look on my face and then take so much time lifting my wallet that someone else at the table pays for dinner. To do this well you have to be a master of timing.

Is this being cheap?

No this is being a survivalist.

Which brings us back to MemoryTag.

You simply get more for your money with a MemoryTag greeting card. https://memorytag.cards/