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December 02, 2009


Well it’s another day and we are blessed with another dull fOD caption picture.  I hope everyone who got to see the greatest show on turf version 2009 enjoyed the game. I read in the New Orleans paper online that the decibel level at one point in the 3rd quarter was equivalent to that of a passenger jet at takeoff; pretty loud. The Saints have filled in nicely this year for the shitty way the Raiders have played.

Ok, so I am pulling for the Gold and Black instead of the Silver and Black this year. I DO live in Louisiana.

You know, when in Rome. Anyway it was good to see them pass that test with flying colors.


Today’s NPIsc offering is all about the sport of drinking beer, eating wings, and watching sports. Who doesn't enjoy going to a sports bar? To some people it’s a sport to stare at women in very short shorts and drool over their oversized augmentation.


I’ve seen pregnant women at work places but this is not right…


Have fun with it and if anyone would like to judge this thing just let me know.