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August 23, 2008


Well,I only got a few months of pot shots at Bush until hopefully he leaves office.I'm so cynical I believe he'll put an Evil emporer move like Star Wars3:The revenge of the Sith and declared himself permament ruler of America.Not unlike Putin done in Russia.Back in July,a local republican candidiate tim Bee had Bush come to Tucson so Bee could raise campaign funds. And,is now sticking it to all Tucson taxpayers to flip the bill almost $100,000.Fuck you and your bee wax,mr.Bee.I'm not getting stung cause your campaign too fucking broke.Bush can stay the fuck in Washington if it cost us $100,000 for a 12 hour stay.A 12 hour stay!I was going for a gillian's island sub-reference.Don't let G.W.Bush come to your town unless who gonna pay the cost!!!