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April 28, 2012

Those stupid wife beaters

I gotta ask, why do they call mens undershirts wife-beaters? Is it just a stereotype that men who beat their women have to put this on before they beat them and who's the marketing guy that came up with that idea?

“John, I have a great idea and it came to me last night as I was beating my wife. These stupid short sleeve shirts just get in the way of the beating and makes me look foolish. So I've come up with this idea to have a shirt under a shirt. So when I take off my first shirt, the second one looks less like a shirt but more like a shirt, the only difference is, its shorter than short sleeves. Its all about aerodynamics you see. When I take a swing at my wife I feel beaten down by the wind resistance. If we could make these shirts that look like shirts only they're shorter than short sleeve shirts. Then abusive men like myself have a chance”.

SK Comedian