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May 25, 2009


I know i already "wrote" a post for today, albeit three lines of spanish gibberish that i just translated in babelfish. I've been trolling through the forums looking at all the networking crap while harboring dreams of somehow getting some people to band with a 15 year old kid to make some "magic" when i realized that Virginia sucks. No one lives in Virginia. Virginia is boring. Virginia is about 39,594 square  miles. And that cat urine glows under a blacklight. The smart thing to do would be to keep writing my own scripts and hope i can find other people that have equipment (i dont have a job/money nor the motivation to find one), and the commitment to actually make movies with me. Sure, I know people that could "help" me...but none that i really respect. Still, if anyone lives in the DC area and needs a black kid in their films or something im always around.

On a lighter note heres a puppy:

Cute isnt it? Puppies always make me smile on lonely days while everyone else is enjoying memorial day and im stuck at home bitching to an internet community that probably isnt even reading this.