General Chaos 2: Sons of Chaos ( Only the best game ever needs a reboot for PS4 and Xbox1 and now ! )

Daredevil ( based off the comic books. )

You don't know Jack online game.

Stump the Schwab ( the game with updates online for new sports questions and play online with your friends.)

The Adventures of Bayout Billy 2 3D: The return of the Godfater.

Real Steel ( the game )

Mad Max: Fury Road ( The game based off the new movie. )

The Flash ( The new vidoe game would be sweet. )

Pros vs Joes the video game.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2k15

The Ren and Stimpy Game ( A new Ren and Stimpy game would be cool. Sidnote Ren and Stimpy Adult Party needs to be back on the air with all new eps. )

Beavis and Butthead ( A remake of the old game would be fun or even an all new one. )

Eon Flux 3D ( The Game baby ! )

Army of Darkness 2 3D ( the video game. )

Sk8 or Die 3D ( A new Sk8 or Die game would be pimp. )

Rampage World Tour 3D ( For PS4 and Xbox 1. )

W.W.E in Your House ( For PS4 and Xbox 1. A 2 rounds fighter game pro wrestling style all over again with todays roster.)

Virtua Cops 3D ( A Virtua Cop game would be pimp. )

Strikers 1945 3 3D ( The players choose from six WWII-era fighter craft, using machine guns and bombs to fight through the stages. )

Sonic pinball 3D ( A new one would be nice a. )

SimCity 3000 3D ( A new SimCity game for PS4 and Xbox1. )

T.M.N.T ( for PS4 and Xbox 1. )

X-MAN 3D ( A new X-MAN game would be pimp that plays out like the old x-man arcade game. )

Earthworm Jim 3D ( A new Earthworm jim game would be sweet. )

Daytona U.S.A 2k14 in 3D ( The SEGA sports game. )

MLB 3D Baseball 2k14 ( by SEGA sports. )

ironsword: Wizards & Warriors 3 3D (  where the player controls the best warrior in the land, Kuros, as he explores the land of Sindarin to defeat the evil wizard Malkil. )

Bellator MMA ( The game )

Slamball ( The game baby ! )

Hellblazer ( The new video game based off the comic books. )

The Spirit ( the video game based off the movie and sidenote they need to make The Spirit 2 movie. )

Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For 3D ( The video game based off the movie. )

Final Fantasy Origins ( Now there is a new for you ass. )

Pacific Rim: Tales from year 0 ( The video game based off the comic books.)

Revolution ( A new video game based of the Revolution t.v show. )

Arnold Palmer Golf 2k15 ( By SEGA sports. )

Mutant League Sports ( Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, you name it dogs. )

Star Wars Episode 7 ( The video game. )

Ghost ( A new video game based off the Ghost comic books. )

Barb Wire vs The Prime Movers  (  A new game based off theold Barb Wire comic books. )

The Maters of the Universe ( HE-MAN with SHE-RA and the other good guy and girls from the Maters of the Universe team up to take on the team of the evil Hordak and Skeletor and the rest of the evil villians from the Masters of the Universe. Pick a side, GOOD or Evil. )

The Coming of Conan ( A new game based off the Robert E Howard book from 1953.The Coming of Conan is a collection of eight fantasy short stories by American writer Robert E. Howard, featuring his sword and sorcery heroes Kull and Conan the Barbarian, together with the first part of his pseudo-history of the "Hyborian Age" in which the Conan tales were set. It was first published in hardcover in the United States by Gnome Press in 1953 and by Boardman Books in the United Kingdom in 1954. The stories originally appeared in the 1930s in the fantasy magazine Weird Tales. The collection never saw publication in paperback; instead, its component stories were split up and distributed among other "Kull" and "Conan" collections.  )

Powdered Toast Man ( The new super hero video game. )

TNA impact 2k15 ( The pro wrestling video game. )

ROH Horror ( The R.O.H pro wrestling video game. )

NWA ALL-STARS vs NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLiNG ( The new pro wrestling video game. )

Batman vs predator ( a new game in 3D based off the Batman vs Predator comic books from back in the 1990's. )

Darkman ( A new video game based off the by Randall Boyll. )

Battlefield Eath The Saga of year 3000 ( A new game based off the L Ron Hubbard book that tell the whole story not just half like that crappy movie. )

The Hunger Games ( A new video game based off of all 3 books of The Hunger Games. )

Contra 3D ( in the year 2633 on the fictional "Galuga archipelago" near New Zealand two armed military commandos named Bill "Mad Dog" Rizer and Lance "Scorpion" Bean, who are sent on a mission to neutralize a terrorist group called the Red Falcon Organization that is planning to take over the Earth. The terrorist organization "Red Flacon" is really an alien entity that is taking over the world. )

( Look i could go on forever but am done.)


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