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October 05, 2011

A romantic and possibly sexy tribute to Electronics.

We see a tall, expansive room.  Floor to ceiling windows line the wall behind the stage.  The rain outside slows to a peaceful drizzle.  The only remaining light coming from the paper lanterns strung to the ceiling, casting their red-gold tones.

We see a lone saxophone player seated off to the right, legs hanging over the edge of the stage and leaning against the wall.  He sits in shadow, his sax barely visible as he draws the last few breaths of a slow, inspired solo.  His band mates relax at the empty dining table chairs, some also lying on the floor, too drunk to stand.

To the left we see a couple swaying in silhouette near the stage.  His arms wrapped around her, cheek resting on her head.  She whispers something to him, barely audible.  They separate just long enough to share a kiss.  She laughs quietly and quickly returns to rest her head on his chest.

You are truthful, artistic and precise.  You recreate my most joyous occasions, with your 720p video recording, 10 MegaPixel sensor and preset shooting modes.

You are generous and welcoming.  You offer my inner-geek fully manual control over shutter and aperture.  You allow my friends who don't care about that shit the chance to enjoy your company with the push of a single button.


You help me see things I cannot.  Not because I got my first restriction on my driver's license, but because of your ultra wide f/2.0 lens, small yet capable zoom and reasonably useful ISO range.

Thou art the savior of moments long forgotten and the creator of naked baby pictures to embarrass our children when they get older.

Thou art responsible for upskirt websites, providing angles of people sometimes no one should ever see and the reason I always check the stall when I poop in public places.

Thou art capable of showing the world's beauty and making us long for places never visited, friends rarely seen and a crush never kissed.

I am power!  I can evoke emotion both good and bad. 

I am the inventor of nostalgia and the kindler of love both real and probably imagined. I'm looking at you Eva...stop texting me nip slips if its all just a tease because you want to borrow my truck for when you move next weekend. 


I am like one of Eliot Spitzer's friends.  A bit on the pricey side, but substantial and worth every penny.  And I won't tell your wife how much I cost either.