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August 07, 2009


Yes there is a rummor a buzz about Chelsea Clinton getting married this fall or next spring in Martha's Vinyard. How sweet.

Now being that I too like Miss Chelsea  grew up in Arkansas. In fact I bet we have alot in common, we both grew up in Suburbs of LittleRock, well North Little Rock for me and the Big Little Rock for her, and our ages are comparatively the same generational.
  I know that Martha's Vinyard must be a nice place, and I understand growing apart from the place you grew up in,  I like Chelsea fell in love with another region of the U.S. myself. But still I wonder if she ever considered Little Rock as a place for her wedding?
 For instance, instead of looking out over the Atlantic Ocean she and her new husband to be can stand on the riverwalk of the Arkansas River, in the shade of the Riverside Chemical Plant, billowing clouds of toxins shading their guest from the 105 degree heat. They could have King Cat Cater the wedding, Southern Fried Catfish and hushpuppys for a thousand. Poor child,  she probably never wants to see another Catfish, since as the Governors daughter she probably had to go to thousands of fish fries because thats the #1 statewide industry. Fish Farming.
  She could stand on the Bank of the Arkansas and watch the Barges sloth by with the lazy current of that old river. she could gaze out over the lights of North Little Rock and listen to the distant gun fire and police Sirens. I never knew why they called it North Little Rock because after all it is east of LittleRock.  She could smell one last time the sweet morning breeze lofting in from the Jackson Cookie Company as they make their morning quota of lemmon Waifers. Or the distant sound of the cotton seeds grinding over at the oil plant.  If they did it in August she coud watch the Bassmaster budwieser classic the biggest fishing tourn. in the state.
 I'm sure Rose (Her late Grandmother) Will be proud of her for wedding at the Vinyard, People don't know the clintons, they don't know them like I do or anyone who lived under their leadership in Arkansas as Governor.  Rose was a Wonderful woman, colorful as can be. With the personality of the sun she was a true local celeb. Hillary single handidly with a handfull of mothers, instituted education reform, and led the fight to create schools and special programs and special schools for children with disabilites. they made sure that poor kids like me had hot lunches,  medical care, and a fighting chance. 
So all though I joke, I respect and admire the Clintons. Yes- I probably have seen the President thousands of times and talked to him and shook his hand over my lifetime hundreds of times. After all it was a fishbowl back then and Pres. Clinton was a high-profile individual. So everytime there was a fish-fry or a big shindig somewhere, they were there. Convincing the people we needed more from our society than new roads.  So  I hope Chelsea the best and wish her a life of love and happiness, after all, she may be president one day.