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Dang you all i had a crazy dream. That i was in the Navy and there was at USO tour that was on the ship i was on. Where my brothers band was playing there with the WWE wrestling going on. As i was watching the show President Obama came up to me and asked me if i wanted to drink some beers. As we chated / got drunk he asked me what made me want to get into the Navy in the first place. So i told him i didn't want to i just hade to because there is no work for a person like i me back in the Ohio Valley. Being that i used to smoke pot and party down with my old band playing dive bars and all kinds of crazy sh*t i have done life. An that this was my first time on this ship and what have you. So he pulled out a fat as hell jay for us to smoke on. As we got baked and watched my brothers band play as the WWE divas wrestlers had a match and as the party/match went on Beth Pheonix spoted me as she hit her finsher an won the match. See came over to us an gave me a hug an that look like she wanted to f*ck my brains out. So i said am Jake and this is Mr. Obama and then i let her meet my brother and the rest of the band as we all partyed down for a little. After the night ran down Beth and i would go for a dive and went swiming all over the Florida Keys as the sun came up. Then when we got back to the ship she and i went into some closet and banged it out like crazy. So the next day comes and President Obama would find us doing the nasty and we stop and got dressed as he told me i was thinking about what we where talking about last night and i want you to come work for me so you can get out of the Navy and start getting back to playing music and acting and Beth is welcome to come with. i have a place setup for you already if you are welling be my right hand that know one knows about. So i told him i was in and i asked Beth to be my wife she said yes. As we went to D.C where i would then become a Actor/Musician/Wrestler an worked under the table the whole time as President Obama's right hand man for the last 4 years he was president. As Beth an became tag team champs and true lovers. So that is the wacky ass dream i just had. Or at least what i can remember from it. An i wasn't even high when i went to bed. NOW WUZ UP WiTH DAT!


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