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January 30, 2010


...just because it has never presented itself doesn't mean it's not there. Maybe you just have to look for it a little higher up her skirt?  Or in her bra? Because she does have at least an F cup overflowing the tops of these baby style dresses she likes to wear/wed in.
Now, the first pics I saw of her I thought for sure that she was pregnant (milk jugs), and I even searched her local paper's birth announcements for proof of this for months.  Then, I saw her God awful wedding and realized that her people aren't exactly the kind to make "announcements".  She had no shower, no engagment party, no real wedding actually (no catering, photography, venue, proper dress, honeymoon, nada), and even her pathetic sister had no shower (claims she didn't want one) to celebrate her little bastard child who was also born without a birth announcement. 
So...it could be a familial lack of interest, or it could just be that she is ugly.  "Sissy" be U G L Y.
She has this close up picture of herself on Facebook, and my first thought is "Yentl as a streetwalker", but I think her nose is actually bigger than Streisand's.  Her face is narrow and her eyes are saggy, like a bloodhound, and she has these clown lips which she seems to favor eighties style cream colours...need I go on?
I have to talk about the excess of rouge.  I think somebody who must have worked for Carol Baker's Visage circa 1982, has advised Sissy that unqualified amounts of rouge on those non-existant cheekbones will take away from her grotesque Gonzo, but it's bad.  As in "beaten with an ugly stick that sprays uncomplimentary 80's rouge" bad.
Girlfriend , sorry, "wife that Tiger Woods covets" BE FUG!
I saw her pic and I laughed so hard that actual tears formed.  I woke up laughing, picturing that ugly face on one of those balloon, clown pins that people punch in the movies. 
I'm so torn between hating her ugly guts and just thinking that she really deserves some pity because it can't be easy.  Being married to someone who dumped her around Christmas last year (which is some time around her birthday, which is kind of ironic), to be with someone he felt more connected to.  He's rebounded to her, twice, so I guess that says something???
Oh yah, she's ugly.