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March 18, 2016

Most people don't know where gifs come from. I do.

The Double Bikini

The idea for the Double Bikini came from seeing an overly affectionate couple riding the subway. I never ride the subway, but one day I saw this couple, and they kept doing this thing where they would hold hands and the girl would fall back, and then the guy would pull her in, and they would snuggle. It was borderline disgusting, and it made me think about a codependent, disgustingly connected life like that and how I could represent that through art. Suddenly the idea for a double bikini connected through the breasts and crotch came to me, and I did what anyone in my position would do, I called my mom and asked her to crochet one for me.

A few weeks later, the double bikini arrived in the mail.

My plan was to take pictures of me with a woman wearing the double bikini all over town to show how dysfunctional such a codependant relationship is, but all I could get done was this photo of me playing drums… and truth be told, if I could actually play the drums, I would have been able to play the drums while attached to a woman.
While all this was happening, I started making GIFs, and ah-ha! I had the idea to show the Double Bikini to the world through GIF.

I called up- I texted my friend Leigh (no one calls anyone) and asked her if she would be in my Double Bikini GIF.

She said, “Sure. What’s a Double Bikini GIF?”

The rest is history.