Bet you didn't see that coming!

Rather than make the heart-wrenching choice between Emily Maynard and Chantal O'Brien, Brad Womak shocked the world Monday night by plunging a small knife into his intestines and ending his life.

The fatal ending to "The Bachelor," in which Womak was given a second shot at finding true love from a stable of lovely and talented young women, is sure to prove a ratings hit for ABC, industry analysts say.

"If he'd survived, I'm sure we would have asked him back," a source inside ABC told Funny or Die.

Hiding a small buck knife up his sleeve, Womak approached the two women at the show's final rose ceremony.

"I love both of you equally," Womak said. "There's no way I can choose."

Womak then let the rose drop from his hand, opened the knife and sank its sharp point deep into his lower abdomen. For their part, both women seemed convinced that Womak's actions were a part of the show. But Womak  then collapsed in a pool of his own blood, and the crew rushed to his aid.

Taken by to a local hospital in Cape Town, where the finale was being filmed, Womak was pronounced dead within minutes of his dramatic television suicide.