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October 19, 2010

In memoriam of my favorite TV dad except for Fred Sanford and Willie from Alf. He's probably tied with The Million Dollar man, because Steve Austin wasn't officially anyone's father.


Tom Bosley will forever be identified by people from my generation as: "Mr. C" and "The guy that sold out by trying to sell crappy online internet businesses to stupid late night TV viewers." He was one of the funniest people on Happy Days, except for Ralph Malph, Ritchie, Al, the Mr. Miyagi version of Al, Fonzie and Pinkie Tuscadero. I thoroughly enjoyed when he had his father/son talks with Fonzie, as I believed myself to be very similar to Fonzie and listened to what he had to say. As an aside, I still refer to the shitter as "my office."

Tom Bosley was a man that I do not know much about other than what I have seen on TV, but he always struck me as a nice guy. I picture him being short and kind of chubby, and pretty lucky to have made so much money being an actor. I think I would have liked to have him as my neighbor, so I could call him "Mr. C" and pretend that I'm Fonzie again. I'm sure he would hate me, but smile at me just the same, because he is just a nice guy.

I'm going to miss Mr. C. Hearing the news of his death today made me think of all of the fun times I had watching daytime TV, and I even reflected on how ugly Joanie was. Seriously though, she had to be related to the casting director...how did poodle head get that part??

I'm sure we will be hearing something from Scott Baio and Ron Howard sometime soon talking about how great of a guy he was to work with. Maybe we can hear something from Marion Ross too. Wouldn't that be cool?

Mr. C, I loved you like the TV father I never had. While your happy days on earth are over, happy trails to you in the beyond. Oh, and I'm calling this now: Potzie's next.

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