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March 01, 2013

Think you're on expert on '80s music, or more specifically, BFF pop-soul duos with great hair and mustaches? Choke on your delusion.

• Hall and Oates play every instrument on their albums themselves. More impressively, they also play every instrument themselves in concert, simultaneously.

• After their song "Did It in a Minute" became a hit in 1982, Hall and Oates became the spokesmen for a smoking cessation aid called Quit It in a Minute. It was essentially a stopwatch wired up to a candle snuffer.

• Their song "Adult Education" raised so much awareness for adult education, that more than 40 community colleges were renamed in their honor.

• On Halloween 1981, more than 300,000 kids dressed the fronts of themselves up like Hall, and their backs like Oates.

• "Maneater" was inspired by Oates' long-standing habit of eating groupies.

• Hall and Oates are recognized by Guinness as "Most Frequent Guests" on The Jay Leno Show. They appeared on the show once.

• Both give off of a pleasant, musky smell—the way a man ought to smell, you know?

• As a publicity stunt, they served as rival "managers" of WWF tag teams at the 1984 Royal Rumble. Hall coached "The Private Eyes," and Oates' coached "Oates' Team."

• Stock in, and thus, co-ownership of, Hall and Oates is sold on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol HNO.

• Hall and Oates got married in 2009 when Vermont became the first state in the union to legalize pop-soul duo marriage.

• They met at a party in 1970 and bonded over their common opinion that Gary Cherone was their favorite Van Halen lead singer, a thing that would not take place for another 28 years.

• Oates has been dead the whole time.