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Published July 18, 2011

I was going to try one of the sites for dating but i don't have the money for it and i don't want to be rapped by some old dude. So what the hell i'll just try it this way. Ok to start this off i want you ladies to know who i am. My name is jake am 25 i live out in the cut in w.v just outside of pittsburgh i play music/act and wright jokes on this sh*t when am not out drinkin. Am fat am going bald i still live at home because no one wants to buy my stuff or pay me any typ of good money for doing what i do. I don't drive but thats more for the safety of others. Am a Vegan & am spiritual but not religious. So thats me in a nut.  As for what am looking for in a women is that you are a women. I don't really care what you do or say in life so feel free to be your self. So hit me up and we can take things from there my laides. Because am down for just about anything.

Jake "The Bullfrog" Stetar