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February 11, 2011

Tamil Movie: Story a Plane from Chennai city to Delhi was hijacked and landed in Tirupathi, The Govt. Officials and terroist holding takls for nearly 6 days and finally passengers were recused.

                     PAYANAM – TAMIL ***


Silent Movies Productions Prakashraj Productions a yet another Tamil Movie after Azhagiye Theeye, Mozhi, Abiyum Nanum this PAYANAM.  A Real & Thrilling Journey.

From Chennai airport a flight leaves for Delhi and within 0-30 minutes being kidnapped and due to a talk with the pilot by the kidnapper he shoots at him and it hits a part inside the cockpit.  Due to this the Pilot says one of the engine is failed and they have to contact the nearest airport for landing and they lands at Tirupathi Airport.

The High level committee with Prakashraj as IAS officer and Home Secretary and with other delegates discusses the matter and the demand of Rs.100 crores and release of Yousuf Khan the leader of the Terrorist group.

This is the time in which in one Month the US President is arriving India, and they were not able to do anything not to show that there is a security lapse and do something to do the things silently.  Nagarjuna is in Commando Squad come with his teams there and discusses to do the operation and that too fails.  In the meantime two peoples were shot and thrown out.

The plane  with full of main comedians like Bhasker, Manobala, Super Star Prithiviraj only in the film, Mohanram and others.  Five days gone without any action, While acception to release the Terrorist leader from the Kashmir enroute the icy hill mets and hits the trucks he is coming and the jeeps accompanies the trucks all went into blast and everybody being killed.  How to say to the terrotist in the Plane about the death of the leader yousuf khan and make this Idea.

A film was made by a director like  yousouf Khan and he is a side artist.  According to Nagarjuna  he has been brought down from the sets, the Director and the writer and makes the man acted as Yousuf ZKhan in the Movie is being once again has been dressed as yousuf khan and asks him to do the same role by bringing him in another flight as per the terrorist instructions.  A cell phone being sent inside (as all being collected by the terrorist in the initial stages itself) and it reaches Thalaivasal Vijay who is a retd. Col.  And via SMS  the instructions from Nagarjuna is going and accordingly everything is done and all passengers being saved.

Mainly this film is taken with a huge set of the Plane at a cost of Rs.3 crores like a real one, Tirupathi Airport everything in the Ramoji Rao film city in a 20 acre land.  No songs as it is not required as per story.  In this every one to see how the politics plays, Np Top Officials are not able to take any action,  waiting for the higher ups and goes to the level of PM.  An incident was narrated in the dialogues how a ministers daughter was let out by handing over a terrorist like that we will do, and on & on.,

A good Movie by Prakashraj and his role was also an excellent one. The entire artist in the movie has done exceptionally well.

Directed by Radha Mohan, Camera K V Guhan-Good, Music: Praveen Mani, Art Dir. K Kathir- fine, Editing Kishore.T.e, Dialogues Tha.Se.Gnanavel.


It is really a JOURNEY

Kumar srinivas, photo-video journalist