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August 17, 2008


main_ellen-rossi2.jpg Palm Springs, CA- In what must surely be an elaborate prank, daytime cutup Ellen DeGeneres reportedly "married" Portia de Rossi over the weekend. In a hilarious twist, it turns out de Rossi is, in fact, a WOMAN. It remains unclear as to whether the highly unconventional wedding was performed as a remote comedy bit for DeGeneres' talk show or as a conceptual Andy Kaufman-esque performance art piece, but the brilliantly absurdist idea of two ladies marrying each other is sure to catapult DeGeneres to the forefront of the cutting edge comedy pantheon.

The "ceremony" was as intricately staged as any normal wedding, but with one BIG difference- instead of a bride and groom, there were TWO brides.

Refusing to drop the joke, DeGeneres released a statement Sunday: "Portia and I have dreamt of this day for long time. We are so thrilled to pledge our love and commitment to one another."

DeGeneres and de Rossi's closest friends played along with the elaborate gag, attending the nutty ceremony and refusing to address the wackiness of seeing two females exchange wedding vows like a regular couple.  It is unclear which staff writer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show hatched this hair-brained scheme, as numerous inquiries into his identity have gone unanswered.

Ms. DeGeneres' husband could not be reached for comment, but it can only be assumed that he was a good sport about the whole gag.