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April 06, 2016

This dancing husky will give you all the feels, such as "I wish I had a dog."

If you’re like us, this video will have you saying “I wish I had a dog that could dance so I could make #trill remix vids of it.” In fact, if you’re like us you’ll be saying, “I wish I had a dog.” If you and we are similar at all, this video will have you saying “Why did Mom give away my dog, I was taking care of it just fine, and Mom said as long as I kept my room clean I would be okay. As far as I’m concerned this room (AKA the attic) IS clean! All this garbage is Dad’s old gymnastics stuff. I wish I was living on my own still, then I could have a dog, and I wouldn’t be sleeping on a big pile of leotards.” If you’re like us, you’re hoping that things will be looking up for us — uh , we mean you — very soon.

Oh, and if you’re like us, you’ll love this vid!