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December 20, 2017

These real stories will teach you why Dark web is dangerous for you and your loved ones.

The dark web is packed with historical alterations, conspiracy theories and shocking facts that can induce a chill on anyone who comes across them. And while the skeptics surrounding these incidents might brush them off as mere myths, these stories do exist—whether we choose to believe them or not.

By delving deep into the dark web world, you are bound to discover numerous real stories narrated by actual dark web users—mostof them, disturbing, creepy and alarming.

Based on facts from this complete guide to the deep web, below is a compilation of 10 real stories that prove that the dark corner of the internet can have the power to ultimately shatter your life.

# 10 Revenge Services


Hansa Market, which was subsequently closed by an international law enforcement operation earlier this year, was a dark web marketplace that offered revenge services, among other nefarious offerings.At just $700, a revenge attack could be conducted to whoever you indicated. Unfortunately for the administrators and participants captured, the punishment is nothing short of a long imprisonment.

# 9 Imaginative Drug Deliveries

The dark web offers all sorts of drugs ranging from pure cocaine, heroin, and even LSD. Nonetheless, in the latest heist byGerman authorities, a popular drug vendor—known online as “drogenfahndung” and“mrdrogenkommandant”—who conducted his business in the most common dark web marketplaces was arrested and is now awaiting trial.

What’s more, the authorities also arrested several of his main clients in the raid that saw over 150 pounds of drugs confiscated.

# 8 Daisy’s Destruction


Peter Scully’s case is perhaps one of the most famous real dark web stories of recent times. He is an Australian native who was arrested in 2015 after an infamous child pornography video he produced had leaked from the dark web and into the public, prompting action by authorities.

In the horrific video, there is a man(presumably Scully himself) and several women torturing and abusing small children.

# 7 “We See You”

According to one user on Reddit who unknowingly accessed the dark web, he/she came across a document particularly tailored to him/her. In the document was the phrase “We See You.”Although the user simply followed an online trail of a website they found, it was clear that they were not alone. With unknown individuals able to access your computer, who knows what else they can do?

# 6 Pink Meth

Until its seizure by the feds in 2014, Pink Meth was a darkweb-based site where men auctioned nude images of their exes for a lump sum. The site then subsequently posted these images together with private details of the women including home addresses, names and phone numbers. The administrators then used the images and details to blackmail the women into paying hefty ransoms to avoid exposure.

# 5 A Scavenger Hunt

In one incident highlighted on Reddit, as a user was playing an interactive game using his Tor browser in the dark web. He apparently got so engrossed in this game that it ended with him driving all the way to New York to answer a payphone. He did so in the wee hours of the morning(3 a.m. to be precise) as part of the game.

While nothing tragic may have occurred to this individual, one can’t help but wonder what would have happened had the phone call been a setup.

# 4 The “Black Death Group” and Kidnapping Incident

In a human trafficking incident widely covered by the media earlier this year, a man named Lukasz Pawel Herba attempted to auction Chloe Ayling, a 20-year-old British model. The 30-year-old Polish native set out to sell the young model, but authorities acted fast to capture him just as he was taking her to the Milan-based British consulate.

Detectives incarcerated him for further investigations for his alleged association with a darkweb-based trafficking ring known as Black Death Group, which Interpol had been investigating. WhileAyling was lucky enough to escape unharmed, human trafficking remains a reality, particularly associated with the dark web.

# 3 The Lolita Slave Toy

This title refers to a 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov by the name Lolita. This controversial book tells the story of a literature professor who is utterly obsessed with his12-year-old stepdaughter.

In the real world, however, this tale was recreated by one surgeon who published a blog in 2011 where he talks about creating a Lolita slave toy. In his explanation, he outlines how he subsequently transforms small girls into sex toys who can neither walk, resist nor even talk.

This story is widely known among the dark web community.

# 2 The Sextortion Case: Pedophile Uses Dark Web to Conceal His Activities

One story is told of an arrest of a pedophile whom both federal agents and local authorities had been in hot pursuit of. The said pedophile allegedly directed sextortion attempts and social media threats to minors online. The pedophile used the dark web to conceal his real IP address.

# 1 Utah Records Momentous Increase in Darknet Drug Overdose Deaths

For the last few years, Utah has experienced a rise in fataloverdoses caused by drugs bought off of dark web marketplaces. Fentanyl, a strong drug used to repel the effects of an overdose is easily accessible on the darkweb. Nonetheless, in recent times, its wide accessibility has resulted in many deaths not only in Utah but across the United States.