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November 03, 2012

Why I hate New York City

I hate New York City
Joshua Proctor

I hate New York City and here are the reasons why

1. 9-11
  When people talk of 9-11 they always just talk about the Twin Towers. It is never "where were you when the  pentagon got hit" is it? And yes the Pittsburgh people got their own movie but can you name anyone in that shit? New York 9-11 movies have Tom Hanks,Nick Cage, Adam Sandler! (granted the last 2 I wish were in the Towers) God I hate New York City

2. Hurricane Sandy
 This pretty much sums up how much people suck off N.Y.C. Yes it was a sad thing. But when people start saying how it was like the new 9-11 and the worst hurricane ever that is when it gets annoying. New Orleans is all like "ummmm a lot of our city is still pretty messed up" and New York is like "Shut the fuck up! We got to make sure the Giants play this Sunday! We need all the help we can get we don't want them to play their home games on the road that would be b.s" The fact that people got upset that they cancelled the New York Marathon and the Knicks v.s Nets game shows you what type of assholes are there. First off Who is upset that they can't watch the Knicks play basketball? (or what they call basketball) Did the hurricane wash away all of thier memories of how bad and who the Knicks are and I know that the Nets are "from" Brooklyn now but let me ask you this if you paint a pile of shit is it not still shit? As far as the New York Marathon goes I think the last 3 winners would have a hard time naming the last 3 winners of the marathon. God I fucking hate New York City.
3. Sports
 That reminds me that all sports in New York City suck. (And I am a Jets fan) Lets start with ESPN setting up camp during the summer during the Jets camp just cause they signed a back-up QB. I know some of that was Tebowmania but I really doubt that they would have Sal Paolantonio hanging out in Jacksonville if Tebow went to the Jags.
I think we all remember Mr. Jeremy Lin. He was the biggest best thing ever in NBA history. (for 2 weeks) Espn were talking about how he is the next Magic Johnson. I mean I was hoping he got aids too but it never happened. Go around today in New York City and ask them about Mr.Lin and you will get answers like " yea I loved when Ben was here" or "oh that North Korean guy?" I fucking hate New York City.
4. Movies
 When ever there is a movie about U.F.Os attacking they are always attacking N.Y.C cause I guess the writer thinks everyone would be upset and cheer for the good guys to stop them. It does the opposite for me. I find myself rooting for the space ships to death ray that whore aka The Statue Of Liberty. Fuck New York City
5. It is not even the f'n capital!!!!!!
  All this talk about how it is the best city and it's own state is ashamed to even have it. Why would New York State not name the best city on earth the capital of thier state? But instead call Albany thier capital. A place that 67% of people think is a small town in Canada. Cause they don't want their capital to be a shit filled,meth doing, baby killing, overrated hellhole. Fuck New York City

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