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November 08, 2008


It was a late Monday night and I was walking down the street. I heard some foot steps coming from behind me so I looked back. There were two suspicious looking men (black people) walking behind me. I started to speed up but the footsteps started getting faster I tried to lose them by making an unexpected turn but I just turned into a dark ally. The two men cornered me, there was nowhere left to go. The men asked me for my money. I refused at first but where one took out a knife I went straight for my wallet. But out of nowhere a man dressed as a large chicken swooped down from the roof tops and landed on one of the men. The other man backed up and said who are you?? The big chicken laid an egg grabbed it and throw it at the mugger. It hit the mugger on the left side of his face. The mugger fell to the floor and said what the hell is this stuff made of?? The chicken replied it's acid in an egg. As the mugger holds the left side of his face he says you'll be sorry for this and runs away. The large chicken turned to me and asked are you okay?? I responded with the only thing that was in my head who the hell are you. He turned to me and replied I'm Chickenman and climbed up the fire escape to the roof.

I quickly went home and locked every door and window. I sat in my chair and thought to myself how many freaks there are in the world. A few weeks went by since that night so that night was completely off my mind. I was coming back from work when I walked into my house there was a man in my house. He walked towards me I got a better picture of him. When I got a look at his face I saw that the left side of his face was burned. As he got closer to me he said remember me. I reached for my rape whistle but the man broke a bottle of chloroform over my head and the gas knocked me out.

When I woke up I was tied to a pole inside a clock tower. The man from that night many weeks ago was standing a few feet away from me and noticed I was awake. I told him I don't know what you want with me. He answered you don't remember me. I was beaten up and humiliated by that chickenman. and since he was saving you, you're apart of this now. I'm not the one that burned the left side of your face with acid. that was the chicken. Just because half of your face is burnt doesn't mean you can't live a good life. I was running out of ideas to make him not kill me. Then out of nowhere all of the light shut off on there over. the criminal and I both looked up. we could hear some clucking and see a figure moving around and disappearing over and over again. The mugger garbed his handgun and ran into the shadows. After a couple of min. chickenman came down and through one of his acid eggs on the chains I was tied up with. Then two gun shots hit the the pole I was tied up to. Chickenman quickly laid an egg and through it at the mugger. the mugger quickly dodged it. The mugger pointed his gun at chickenman and chickenman laid and egg and was ready to throw it at the mugger. The mugger said to chickenman, you know what happened after the night you ruined my face. people started making fun of me and called me halfface. It's all your fault. The mugger tried to shoot chickenman but he quickly dodged it and through his egg at some pipes above the muggers head and they all fell on him. That was the last time I saw the mugger but chickenman is still around protecting the innocent.