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July 28, 2017

Could she get any more perfect?!

You could say Chrissy Teigen is “extra” on Twitter, and she’s very proud of that.

In addition to having one of the funniest accounts, she has used it to be a vocal part of the resistance to President Donald Trump as well.

Earlier this week, Trump finally had enough, and blocked Teigen on Twitter— curiously, after one of her most tame replies to him.


Clearly, Teigen had successfully struck a nerve with Trump, but getting blocked on Twitter wasn’t enough.

She decided she was going to get blocked from the actual White House too.

Sure enough, this morning, Teigen flew to Washington, D.C., snuck on to the South Lawn at the White House, and lied down on the grass. Within minutes, she was apprehended by White House security, and subsequently banned from the White House for the duration of Trump’s term.


LOL. SO cool.

Anyone who gets blocked on Twitter AND in person by Trump is officially the GOAT, and Teigen proved herself as that today. And apparently, her blocking mission isn’t even done!

Chrissy, we’ve asked you this before, but we mean it even more now: Can you stop being so cool, please? Save some for the rest of us!